Top-rated network, security
and managed IT services
About us
Top-rated network, security and managed IT services
As a system engineers and consultants we were to date responsible fordesign, execution of hundreds of projects on scale from small businesses to large corporate deployments. We also provide long-term support for our customers with SLA guarantees.
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Technical specialists on our staff to help you with any IT needs.
  1. Network and Security
    We provide network and security administration services in multi-vendor environments. We have partnership with Cisco, Barracuda, Sophos and SonicWall, although we are capable to support deployments with equipment from most of major vendors.
  2. Managed IT Services
    We provide full range of managed IT services to our customers. Whether your needs are in server farm management, corporate WiFi, surveillance or end user support, we have long term experience in all of those areas.
  3. Cloud
    In partnership with major cloud providers on the market we can support your cloud environments in the most price-efficient way. We are capable of executing seamless migration from legacy environments to modern public or private cloud infrastructure.
Top-rated service
Time is money, that is why our main priority is to support our customers in using the most flexible solutions deployed at the fraction of the time and cost. Our focus on customer satisfaction has been rewarded by top-rated mark from all our customers since we started providing our services.
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